M'simbi Dolls was created to make a difference, to teach cultural identity and self love for African girls and also to teach non Africans to appreciate African Black beauty. M'simbi Dolls are dolls that represent girls and the challenges they face in their day to day lives and how they overcome them. The M’simbi dolls are naturally beautiful dolls that are proud of the colour of their skin and texture of their hair. They dream, believe, achieve and inspire others. We at M’simbi believe the toys children play with at a young age influence how they think, act and view themselves. We believe through empowering young girls we can help change the trajectory of their lives. They are beautiful culturally diverse dolls . Their clothing is inspired by Zambian tradition adapted to appeal to girls living in the modern era.  M'simbi's mission is to ensure girls know that they are "Naturally Beautiful"and that they can "Dream, Believe, Achieve and Inspire".On 27th may 2017, the M'simbi doll line was launched in Lusaka, Zambia. The response was gratifying. We captured the hearts and support of Moms, Dads and Girls of all ages. Parents were looking for a brand of dolls that resonated with the African culture and represented African girls.​ We also captured the support of non Africans who appreciate the African culture and wanted to learn more about us and our culture.

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